Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monitor யின் வேகம்,சக்தி, Fanயின் வேகம் காட்டும் ஒரு மொன்பொருள்.

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active monitor Monitor CPU, HDD temperatures, Fan speeds and get alerts

Intel® Active Monitor is an alerting utility created by Intel and available exclusively on Intel® Desktop Boards.

The Intel Active Monitor works with specialized sensors on your Intel Desktop Board to constantly monitor the system’s temperatures, power supply voltages, and fan speeds. If temperatures become extremely hot or a system fan or power supply fails, the user is immediately notified.

In addition to displaying cooling information, Intel Active Monitor makes it easy for a user to identify the processor type and speed, look up desktop board, chipset, and memory information, and customize the alerts that may begenerated and their thresholds.
Download the latest version - Intel Active Monitor v1.2.2 [EXE 7.1 MB]


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