Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Inside Pegi and why Saints Row IV won't be banned in Britain

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Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV will most likely get an 18-rating in the UK, whereas it was denied an age rating in Australia, effectively banning the game there
"The first interesting event is five minutes 46 seconds in. Someone says the word 'bastard' so straightaway the game has gone to a 12 certificate in my mind. Then at eight minutes and 28 seconds, Lara gets eaten by a wolf…"
I'm sitting with Jack Davies a games examiner at the Video Standards Council. Jack Davies is not his real name: apparently, if I use that, he'll be inundated with questions and complaints about previous Pegi ratings – and with only three dedicated game examiners here, that's the last thing he needs. He's picked Tomb Raider to show me the process the organisation goes through to rate games. Lara Croft's gruesome demise at the mouth of a lupine aggressor has just earned the game a Pegi 16 certificate. But there is more controversial fare to come.