Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to enable two step verification in DropBox?

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Dropbox has finally introduced two step verification to secure user accounts.

Why use two step verification in Dropbox?
This helps to secure your Dropbox account. When this option is enabled, Dropbox will ask you a a six-digit security code in addition to your password whenever you sign in or link a new device to your Dropbox account.

Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution Gadget

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Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution Gadget

I will explain how to remove Attribution Gadget aka Powered By Blogger from your blog.
Recently I saw on the net a JavaScript approach, which simply hides this text from your blog, but I don't recommend it.
Why? Because when Google crawler is scanning your blog it thinks you are trying to hide something, and this may affect on your Google page rank.
What I suggest is to remove the Attribution gadget completely.
OK, here how we do it (WARNING! Before you start, save your template in order to be able to restore if something will go wrong. If after editing Blogger warn you about errors then just cancel operation.):