Monday, April 22, 2013

Convert 1GB,2GB Memory Card Or Pendrive into 4GB

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Software  Link

Today I Will Teach You To How to convert 1 or 2GB memory stick into 4GB?

Just follow the simple instructions:
Step1: Insert your memory stick in USB port
Step 2: Open the Drive increaser software
Step 3: Rename the Pendrive or memory stick.

Step 4: Open Drive Increaser 2 icon from the Downloaded folder.

Step 5: The opened file is asks USB drive Name. (Before enter the name first Rename the Memory stick or Pen drive). Just enter the renamed pen drive name. Ex: 2341

Step 6: After that, it will ask USB pendrive letter (Ex: H or I or J). Repeat this two times

Step 7: After Drive letter entry some process will be done with Red color like this image

Step 8: Finally it shows Done Please enter any key to done.

Now your Pen drive is 4GB

Caution: Do not format the Pen drive. Just delete the files from pen drive if format is required.
download the software from here


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